What is the Scottish Rite’s Children’s Language Disorder Center - Fargo (CLDC-F)?

The CLDC-F is the charitable branch of Fargo’s Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction Free Masonary. The charity treats pre-school children who have speech and/or language problems.

Who is eligible for treatment?

We target children from families who are unable to pay for or receive adequate therapy elsewhere. The center does not receive insurance payments and/or government support.

Who selects the child for therapy?

The child’s parents or legal guardian initially makes a written request for treatment on forms furnished by the Center. Following the receipt of the application, members of the Board of Directors review the application for acceptance. An evaluation is then made by a speech therapist to determine if we can help.

What are the qualifications of speech therapists at the SRSTCC?

Each of our Center’s therapists has a Master’s Degree in speech pathology and is licensed in the state of North Dakota.

Does the Center teach English as a second language?

No, our speech therapists are trained to help correct speech problems in English-speaking families only.

Does the Center have a large staff?

No. It is the policy of the Scottish Rite that all members of administration serve without pay. Only the licensed speech therapists receive pay. Resource assistance is targeted to serve as many children as possible.

How many cases does the Center treat during a year’s time?

The number of children treated varies with public demand. Some are seen once a week for a limited number of months. Others may be seen multiple times for several or more months/years. Time depends on the severity of the child’s problem and his/her progress.

Who sponsors the Center?

The Center is sponsored by the Scottish Rite Masons of North Dakota.

Where do the funds come from to provide the Center’s financial assistance?

Members of the Scottish Rite Masons make donations. We also receive monies from foundations and grants. Many Masonic organizations engage in fund raising activities. Members and friends leave bequests in their wills. Donations are welcome from anyone.

Are contributions to the Scottish Rite’s Children’s Language Disorder Center - Fargo (CLDC-F) tax deductible?

Yes. The Center is incorporated under the laws of the state of North Dakota. It is tax-exempt under the provision of the Internal Revenue Code and is assigned 501 (c) 3 classification.

Does the Center receive money or reimbursement from insurance companies?

No. We do not ask for or receive any monies from insurance companies.